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If only someone could write this bit for me……information about people always sounds far more impressive when written in third person……..

I’m a 39 3/4 year old kid trapped in an adult’s (unfortunately aging) body. I don’t have a mortgage, 2.3 kids, successfully stressful job, fetish for tuppaware or desire to cook and clean my way into the guinness book of records.

I do apparently need to do something with my life however, and since it appears that 12 weeks is the magical number in which people seem to acquire major transformations, I too have decided to jump on this miraculous timeframe bandwagon. And if I do indeed make some great changes over these next 12 weeks as I sadly farewell my 30’s, well then I too will be a convert. If not, well I will have a permanent public record of how to fail at life, which will no doubt become a bestseller.

Whatever the outcome, the one true constant in all of this is that I WILL be turning 40, ready or not!!


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  1. I’ve just caught up on the first 4 days of your journey – it’s been very entertaining. I plan to be an artist when I retire – I am so glad you have chosen writing (finally). There is definitely a book or 2 or more in you Fi. I hope to read some reflections on your life during this 12 week challenge – your stories always crack me up. I think you could also provide some profound insights in the process.


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